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Frequently Asked questions

FAQs - Gymfit X Webflow Template

WHat's the difference between lifestyle & wellness training vs. strength training?

Lifestyle & Wellness training is for clients looking to increase their daily movement, as well as build a strong foundation for an active lifestyle. Strength Training training is for clients who are already working out regularly and want a structured program that focuses on compound lifts and progressive overload, to follow in the gym.

What's the difference between biweekly online training vs. weekly online training?

Our biweekly online training means that every two weeks you will have a phone call or zoom meeting with your coach to go over how your feeling with your program, comments or concerns. Our weekly online training means that you will have this same meeting with your coach but it will be once a week.

do we offer in person training?

At this time, we do not offer any in person training. We are working towards creating a facility where you would be able to receive in person training in the future.

can i meet with a coach before i sign up for online training?

Yes! We encourage you to reach out to us and set up a zoom or phone meeting with a coach so that you can get a better understanding of the programs we offer as well as, see if a specific training option would be the right fit for you.

Why should i hire an online coach?

We encourage you to receive online training so that we can help support you on your health and wellness journey. We are here to help you gain understanding of movements and help you build a strong foundation for long term growth & results. We are also here to give you encouragement and accountability.

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